Greenville, South Carolina

Yesterday (or technically early this morning) I returned home from an amazing, but quick, trip to South Carolina.  My parents and I took a road trip to Greenville, SC for a family members wedding.  Oh. My. Goodness.  I loved it there.  South Carolina is so gorgeous, and I’m seriously considering moving there within the next year or two.  It’s so pretty and they actually have a Fall season!  You know where leaves change colors and fall off the trees, along with beautiful weather…something us Houstonians only read about.  It’s just gorgeous.  So anyone wanting to get married in South Carolina, holla back at your girl!

The day before the wedding we went out and explored a little.  We went to Falls Park on the Reedy and it was gorgeous!  Not only beautiful water falls down rocks but also beautiful trees and colors.  The only thing missing was Harley and Bandit because they would have loved this!

Mom and Dad


I realized during this trip that I have some sort of fascination with leaves.

I was obsessed with this tree!  I loved how the roots can be seen from the side like this.  So cool!

Even in South Carolina, I have to represent…Wreck Em Tech!

I was in love with this cobblestone-like path way.

Self timer family photo for the win!

Saturday we went to the wedding and it was gorgeous!!!  So amazing and full of love.  I was actually asked to video the ceremony (more on that later), but the photographer in me couldn’t help but snap a few photos while I was there.  You know how I love details!

The reception was in a barn…cute!!!

The happy couple

A 15-hour drive requires a few stops along the way.  Yesterday, one of our stops was in Alabama where I snapped just a few photos.

Yes, that’s me in pajama pants.  Traveling requires COMFYness!!!

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