The Bridal Session


Many times when a couple books their wedding with me, the bride is on the fence about having a bridal session.  I’ll let you in on a secret…I was one of those brides too!  I didn’t think I wanted to have my bridals taken, but in the end I am so glad I did.  Not only did it give me a reason to wear my dress but it ended up being a really fun day, and my photographer captured some images that I cherish (my mom probably more so) that wouldn’t have been possible the day of the wedding!

I always recommend getting your hair and makeup done for any session you have with me, especially your bridals.  This gives you the opportunity for a trial run of your hair and makeup with your dress and get pictures taken so you can see how your entire look photographs.  Many times after seeing their photos, a bride will decide she wants a little more makeup for the day of her wedding so her makeup shows up more, or she decides to wear her hair down instead of up or vice-versa.  Not only do you get to test out your hair and makeup, but you can also spend some time in your dress for more than a few minutes.  You can walk around, move, sit, etc. and really see how your dress feels and see if any more minor alterations need to be made before your big day.  A bridal session really is the perfect opportunity to do a test run of everything before your wedding day.  Plus, what woman doesn’t enjoy getting all dolled up in her wedding dress and getting her hair and makeup done?


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