Should I Have My Hair and Makeup Professionally Done?


Short answer?  YES.

I often get asked questions about what makeup looks best in photos, specifically for engagement sessions.  I always always always suggest getting your makeup professionally done for every session you have with me.  This includes engagement sessions, bridals, wedding, family, etc!  It really does make the world of difference in photos, and I speak from personal experience, you will not regret it!

How often do you have professional photos taken?…plus these will be photos to keep the rest of your life!  Make an appointment to have your hair and make up done and then make plans for you and your hubby (or hubby-to-be) to go out after your session while you’re all beautified.  Who doesn’t love getting all dolled up and pampered?

Upon booking any session with me, I send out a list of my preferred makeup artists in the Houston area.  These makeup artists are super talented and I know would make you look ah-mazing for your photos!!  🙂


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