Make Up Tips

Cortney&Matt_0165-2Make Up Tips

I often get asked questions about what makeup looks best in photos, specifically for engagement sessions. I always suggest getting your makeup professionally done for every session you have with me- yes, including engagement sessions! (How often do you have professional photos taken?…plus these will be photos to keep the rest of your life! Make an appointment to have your hair and make up done and then make plans for you and your hubby-to-be to go out after your session while you’re all beautified).

Your makeup will make a big difference in your photos, so I’ve put together a list below to help you out as you are applying your own make up or having it professionally done.


1. Exfoliate – You want to get rid of any dry skin patches so your foundation will apply smoothly.

2. Use a primer – This will keep your makeup in place throughout the shoot.

3. Use concealer under your eyes– This will keep your whole face looking bright.

4. Use a setting powder– After applying your foundation and blush, be sure to use a setting powder.

EYESKingwood Engagement Photographer / Kasey Lynn Photography

1. Fill in your brows – This may not be something you typically do, but I highly recommend doing this for your photos to
make your eyes and face look complete. This is especially important for blonde’s – ladies, our ‘brows tend to get lost on our face in photos without filling them in.

2. Use matte colors – Glittery/Shimmery makeup reflects light and doesn’t photograph as well as matte colors.

3. Use eyeliner – It will really make your eyes pop (if you are using liquid eyeliner, only use it on your top lid).

4. Wear false lashes – just do it, trust me 🙂 99% of people love them, even if they are hesitant at first. They look Ah- mazing in photos. (Hopefully you are having a professional make up artist apply them, but if you’re doing your own and haven’t put them on yourself before, have a friend do it for you. This can quickly become a glue infested crazy mess if you don’t know what you’re doing).


1. Wear lip gloss – If you don’t want to wear lipstick, at least wear a tinted lip gloss to give your lips some color and make them look full and plump. Be sure to bring your lip gloss to the session, so you can reapply as needed.


1. Be sure to apply your makeup in natural light (right by a window works great). This lets you see more accurately what your makeup will look like in photos.

2. Make up, on average, photographs about two shades lighter than what is applied, so be sure to go a little darker than what you normally wear. Hope this helps a little bit! 🙂