Geneva and Gary- 40 Years

Can you believe that up until last week I had never taken professional photos of my Mom and Dad?  I know!  I’m a horrible daughter!  In all fairness though, my Dad has been refusing to get photos taken because he hates them.  My Mom and I have been wanting to get some photos of her and my Dad together for a year or so now and we finally made it happen last weekend.

I can’t tell you how much these two mean to me.  They have been there for me for twenty-five years and I know that I’ll always be able to count on them if I need something.  Not only are they amazing parents, but my Mom and Dad are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this year.  I think that’s pretty darn fantabulous and I’m so happy for them!

As I said before, Dad was not a fan of getting his picture taken and spent most of the fifteen minute session making faces like this.  And yes, I’m totally going to put all the “outtakes” into a mini-album to show his future grandchildren.  By the way, he is going to kill me for posting these online.

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